Road Safety Marshal Club (RSMC) is an NGO established in 2008, aims to provide support for the success of the activities of road safety and conducting road safety awareness program for the public.

RSMC is actively involved in assisting the Malaysian Road Safety Department (RSD) in order to advocate the road users, particularly motorcyclists and motorists about the importance of using the safety belts (front and back seats) and wearing a helmet.

RSMC strives to access goverment agencies Road Safety Department (RSD) and Road Safety Council (MKJR) to reduce d rate of road accidents in our country.

  • To diversify the activities of prevention and road safety awareness program for the public.

  • To serve as marshal for jogathon, charity run, convoy of motorcycle/bike ride or parade of sports and other activities involving road safety

  • To provide support in order to ensure the success of the activities organized by the Department of Road Safety and Road Safety Council.

  • To educate prudent and disiplined low abiding road motorcyclist.
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